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Minji in Gayodaechugje (Song Festival?) – minji.gif

Speechless. So beautiful.

Kim Minji Legend – minji.gif

No need for words. Minji is just a legend.

I watched the You Quiz on the Block  belatedly. – Haerin.gif

I like Haerin so much. Look at her eyes and smile!

Yesterday You Quiz on the Block – Hanni.gif

Newjeans Hanni.gif, gifs contain her shinning moments! Enjoy! Hanni is so cute!!! You may also like Hanni Archives - NewJeans World https://newjeansworld.com/2022/12/19/newjeans-all-members-newjeans-gif/ https://newjeansworld.com/2022/12/22/newjeans-hanni-childhood-photo/


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