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Who is the Ditto composer 250?

Who is NewJeans New Song Ditto composer 250? 250 (Two Fifty) is a DJ of Beasts And Natives Alike and a music producer in Korea. He is the main producer of NewJeans, a girl...

NewJeans First Album Review

I will happily review NewJeans First album. New Jeans, the first group launched from Hive's new label 'ADOR'. They captured the topic of the current K-pop scene by topping the music charts and...

NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’ Lyrics

Hype Boy NewJeans2022.07.23 https://youtu.be/11cta61wi0g Lyrics: Gigi, Ylva Dimberg, HanniComposer: 250, Ylva DimbergArranger: 250 Hangul (1,2,3,4)Baby, got me looking so crazy빠져버리는 daydreamGot me feeling you너도 말해줄래 누가 내게 뭐라든남들과는 달라 넌Maybe you could be the one날 믿어봐 한...


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