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NewJeans Is The New K-Pop Group You Need To Know

The beginning HYBE trained big-name K-pop bands, such as BTS & TXT, and EnHYPEN. They wanted to make the new generation five-member girl group, so Hybe signed on to the independent label ADOR....

NewJeans Haerin Kitty or Bunny?

NewJeans Haerin Kitty or bunny? What do you think? Haerin came out as a cat in OMG Music Video and it's really similar. NewJean haerin looks so good in a rabbit hat too!

NewJeans Haerin selfies

NewJeans Haerin Selfies look great!!! NewJeans Haerin seems to take selfies surprisingly well. Haerins smile looks amazing.

NewJeans Member Debut Behind Stories

In this article, I am going to talk about NewJeans member debut behind stories. Uklele Girl - Hanni Hanni became a trainee through the Hive Plus Global Audition in 2019 after CEO Min Hee-jin...

NewJeans MBTI Types. What is Haerin’s MBTI?

In this article, I will discuss what NewJeans MBTI Types are and what personality types each member has. Although the MBTI is getting less attention than before, there are many people who are...

@NEWJEANS_TWT 12/22/2022

https://twitter.com/NewJeans_twt/status/1605904468113256448?s=20&t=uA8JkXVSj7R0afB8udeLmg Bernie's!! I'm here~ The weather is very cold, so always take care of yourself!! You did a good job today too⭐️ @Haerin

NewJeans Musinsa AD Video

NewJeans Musinsa AD Video updated by 12/22/2022 New Wave Alert! The moment everybody's been waiting for. NewJeans X MUSINSA The world's new wave of K-Pop meets the trendiest K-Fashion store. You must watch this video....

Musinsa + NewJeans’ first global campaign

Musinsa + NewJeans' first global campaign updated 12/19/2022 Musinsa has released its first global campaign pictorial 'Newsinsa X Mujins' with global ambassador NewJeans. This time, Musinsa planned ‘Newsinsa X Mujins’ with the girl group...


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