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NewJeans First Album Review

I will happily review NewJeans First album. New Jeans, the first group launched from Hive's new label 'ADOR'. They captured the topic of the current K-pop scene by topping the music charts and...

NewJeans ‘Cookie’ Lyrics

Cookie New Jeans2022.08.01 https://youtu.be/VOmIplFAGeg Lyrics: Gigi,Ylva DimbergComposer: FRNK,Ylva DimbergArranger: FRNK Hangul 내가 만든 쿠키너를 위해 구웠지But you know that it ain’t for free, yeah 내가 만든 쿠키너무 부드러우니자꾸만 떠오르니 널 choco-chip으로Sprinkle로입맛 버리게 만들고 싶어숨기고 있지만 널 더 보고...


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