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NewJeans on Nihon TV in Japan.

NewJeans on Nihon TV in Japan. It will be their first Japanese TV appearance. Ador reported on the 21st that the group NewJeans will appear on Nippon TV's program "Announcement! Annual Music Awards...

NewJeans First Album Review

I will happily review NewJeans First album. New Jeans, the first group launched from Hive's new label 'ADOR'. They captured the topic of the current K-pop scene by topping the music charts and...

NewJeans ‘Attention’ Lyrics

Attention NewJeans2022.07.22 https://youtu.be/js1CtxSY38I Lyrics: Gigi, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm), DanielleComposer: 250, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm)Arranger: 250 Hangul You and me 내 맘이 보이지한참을 쳐다봐가까이 다가가You see eyYou see, ey ey ey ey One, two, three 용기가 생겼지이미...

Attention – Minji.jpg

Minji who dances attention is really perfect.The first time I saw the live cam, it caught my eye. The expression of the verse part is excellent.


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