NewJeans Haerin Kitty or Bunny?

NewJeans Haerin Kitty or bunny? What do you think? Haerin came out as a cat in OMG Music Video and it's really similar. NewJean haerin looks so good in a rabbit hat too!

NewJeans Hanni the cuttiest!

NewJeans Hanni the cuttiest!!! Hanni is cuter than a strawberry!!! I fall in love with her smile. Hanni is cute even when she dances. Heartattack!!! Let's go!

Minji Day photos sent by NewJeans Members

NewJeans members sent Minji day photos to Minji. How sweet!

NewJeans OMG Concept Photos

On January 2nd, NewJeans returned with their highly-anticipated first single album, NewJeans 'OMG.' At the same time, the group released NewJeans OMG Concept Photos through their official website.

NewJeans Haerin selfies

NewJeans Haerin Selfies look great!!! NewJeans Haerin seems to take selfies surprisingly well. Haerins smile looks amazing.

NewJeans Hyein Past Photo

NewJeans Hyein Past Photo updated on 12/22/2022 Hyein’s endless cute photo attack! #1 Hyein’s endless cute photo attack! #2 Hyein’s endless cute photo attack! #3 Hyein’s endless cute photo attack! #4

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@NEWJEANS_TWT 12/22/2022 Bernie's!! I'm here~ The weather is very cold, so always take care of yourself!! You did a good job today too⭐️ @Haerin

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