• NewJeans OMG MV Meaning

    NewJeans OMG MV Meaning

    In this article, I will discuss the NewJeans OMG MV meaning based on my thoughts.

    If Ditto music video was a story from Bunnies’ point of view, OMG is a story from NewJeans’ point of view.

    In the music video, the members of NewJenes are in a psychiatric ward, each with their own paranoia.

    [Hanni] iPhone Siri

    Hanni thinks of herself as the iPhone’s Siri and says she’s always there for you whenever you want.

    [Minji] Doctor

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Minji

    Minji said, “You mean Siri?” She responded cynically to Hanni’s claim.

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Minji

    She calmly says that she is not a patient.

    She claims she is a doctor and brought Hanni, Daniel, Haerin, and Hyein to the mental hospital.

    Eventually, however, she turns out to be one of the patients.

    [Hyein] The main character of the play

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Hyein

    Hyein lives in movies and fairy tales.

    She appears as the main character in famous stories such as <La Boom>, <Cinderella>, and <The Little Match Girl>.

    [Danielle] The main character of the play.

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Danielle

    Danielle is also the main character of the play and Hye-in’s counterpart. 

    She is like a prince trying to save Hye-in in <Sleeping Beauty> but fails to save her.

    [Haerin] Cat

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Haerin

    Haerin claims to be her cat, and the other patients don’t understand her.

    A doctor

    The doctor, tired of the pointless discussion, watches the NewJeans members from afar.

    The producers replaced images of patients sitting at a round table with pictures of girls, firefighters, and members of parliament.

    [Danielle (2)] NewJeans

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning Danielle

    Danielle says everyone is filming a music video and claims that all the patients are NewJeans.

    The scene where the music video staff broke the 4th wall by appearing in the video was impressive.

    The NewJeans dancing nicely in their stage costumes.

    However, it is also shown several times dancing in a hospital gown.

    Danielle says we are NewJeans and still insists on her point.

    Minji, dressed as a doctor, led the rest of the members to the hospital room, and it seemed to be over.

    The appearance of another doctor

    He looked out the window while watching the paintings NewJeans drew, and there were paintings identical to the ones they drew, moving without order.

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning another doctor

    He seems to understand the world they imagine and are obsessed with the paintings that NewJeans painted.


    In the final scene of the music video, the camera shows a fan expressing their dissatisfaction with the music video via Twitter.

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning anti fan

    The music video ends as Minji approaches him and says, “Let’s go.”


    I didn’t understand it well at first. Still, after watching the music video several times after watching the interview with the director who produced the music video, I could see what they wanted to talk about in the music video.

    An excerpt from an interview with a music video director

    Wooseok Shin Dolphiners Films

    While working on the ‘Ditto’ project first, CEO Min Hee-jin said that we should know the NewJeans character, and I set up a meal with the members, and they invited me to the practice room, and I thought a lot while meeting them several times.

    These kids, called NewJeans, are just as pure and fun as kids their age.

    They have great imaginations, and it’s nice to see them being free to express themselves without boundaries.

    Ador also allowed the members to think and act without too many restrictions.

    However, since these members must face the public, their intentions can be interpreted differently by the people when they do something.

    These members are still teenagers with free thoughts, but what if they gradually lose their image through people’s evaluation and misunderstanding? 

    What if they limit how they express themselves as artists or human beings in the future? 

    Because I reached that point, I wrote the scenario in that direction.

    However, we filmed the OMG MV already before the release of the ‘Ditto’ MV.

    Looking at the various misunderstandings and speculations after the ‘Ditto’ MV I mentioned earlier, the situation was very complicated. You can probably understand it by watching the ‘OMG’ music video.

    Wooseok Shin – Dolphiners Films

    Each patient played by NewJeans identifies herself with ‘something.’

    Their appearance coincides with the public, who have no actual contact but are obsessed with something they only meet on cell phones, TV, and social media. 

    When we are too immersed in something, we lose objectivity and become dogmatic, so we do not listen to other people’s opinions.

    NewJeans wanted to tell over-immersed fans that over-immersion is bad, but admit that everyone has their world that no one else understands, and want to send thanks and comfort.

    Hanni’s line

    NewJeans OMG mv meaning hanni

    Most of what NewJeans wanted to say to the fans came out in Hani’s first lines.

    At first, it was just confusing.

    I couldn’t figure out who I was or where I was.

    I got confused with what others are talking about me.

    But I found the answer.

    Actually, I was an iPhone.

    I exist for you.

    I’ll run anywhere whenever you call me.

    I’ll show you what you want to see, talk for you and sing for you.

    What do you want from me?

    My head is always full of this question.

    It doesn’t matter who I am now.

    I exist for you.


    Members of NewJeans are either still underage or about to become adults.

    They had to face the public eye at the most sensitive time, and as they tried to create an image according to the director’s intention, they must have been confused and hurt by the public’s criticism.

    Nonetheless, NewJeans are embracing its fans and wanting to go with them.

    The final scene of the music video seemed more like a message inviting fans to come together rather than a warning to the fans.

    “It’s okay if you don’t like us right now. I will change you and make you a real fan.”

    NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV
  • NewJeans Ditto Acoustic Version.

    NewJeans Ditto Acoustic Version.
    newjeans ditto acoustic

    NewJeans ‘Ditto’ Acoustic Version

    NewJeans Ditto Acoustic Version by South Korean hard rock/folk rock singer Yoon Do-Hyun.

    During the radio broadcast, Yoon Do-Hyun sang NewJeans’ Ditto live with guitar accompaniment.

    Listening to Yoon Do-hyun’s Ditto, I felt like I was reminiscing about his first love.

    I highly recommend giving this version of Ditto a listen.

    NewJeans Ditto Acoustic Version

  • Grammy, who paid attention to the girl group, mentions NewJeans.

    Grammy, who paid attention to the girl group, mentions NewJeans.

    BLACKPINK, who topped the Billboard 200 album chart and embarked on the most prominent world tour, TWICE, ITZY, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and NewJeans, gained colossal popularity as soon as they debuted. Girls’ Generation, KARA, and EXID came back after stopping for years.

    Girl group power

    newjeans ditto

    The ‘Grammy,’ the world’s most prestigious music industry, has paid extensive attention to K-pop girl groups since the new year. Looking at the second generation active in the 2010s to the current fourth generation, Grammy introduced, “Ladies (Women) currently lead K-pop.”

    Second generation 

    Regarding the return of Girls’ Generation, Kara and EXID, “It wasn’t common for girl groups to survive beyond their mid-twenties, but their appearance breathed a fresh breath of hope into the industry.” It will open the door to the future.”


    blackpink k pop

    Regarding Blackpink, who achieved a career-high last year, they commented, “There was no lack of musicality or market performance.”

    In particular, it is unusual to introduce ten teams that will emerge this year among the teams that just debuted last year.

    Le Seraphim

    Le Seraphim

    Grammy introduced Le Seraphim, who debuted at Hive, the agency of BTS, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), as “a team like steel.” In particular, Grammy described the team that performed the song ‘Antifragile,’ which highlighted the biceps performance last year, as “showing the integration of bold and fierce power.”



    Regarding NewJeans from another label of the same agency, Grammy said, “I didn’t know it would be so groundbreaking,” and shed light on a promotional strategy that differentiates from the existing ones, such as video aesthetics full of Y2K nostalgia.

    Why is NewJeans popular?
    Despite 'Cookie' being the official debut track of Newjeans' debut album 'Attention' and 'Hype Boy' ended up grabbing the attention.
    Who is NewJeans visual?
    Minji was an early 4th generation visual idol at the newJeans.com website. These latest photos confirm the fans' love of this beauty.
    NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV


    Kep1er 케플러 | ‘WA DA DA’ M/V

    Regarding Kepler, which will disband in 2024, Grammy also showed interest in the K-pop production system, saying, “Look at how many former IZ*ONE members are in this group,” and “K-pop’s temporary groups are often fundamental to forming the next generation of idols..

    Grammy paid attention not only to large agencies but also to idols from small and medium-sized agencies.


    Billlie | ‘GingaMingaYo (the strange world)’ M/V

    Grammy said Billy was “a team that has built a unique niche with an unusual title and whimsical soundscape,” and 50 Fifty is “a team that realizes music like an indie movie soundtrack with synth-pop elements.”

    Since last year, the K-pop boom in the global market has been intensifying daily, and the US music industry is showing a trend that reflects it.

    The ‘American Music Awards (AMA)’ established a new K-pop category award for the first time last year. It was the first of the three major American music awards, including the Grammy and the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). However, they have different opinions about whether this is to independently separate K-pop, which gains popularity mainly from social fandom, or to recognize K-pop as a mainstream genre. The prevailing view is that the outcome of this year’s Grammy Awards will be a watershed.

  • NewJeans OMG, No. 1 on the Oricon chart

    NewJeans OMG, No. 1 on the Oricon chart

    NewJeans’ first single album, OMG, topped the Oricon chart in Japan.

    According to the latest chart released by Oricon on the 7th, ‘OMG’ entered the Oricon Daily Singles Ranking on January 6, 2023, and went straight to No. 1. 

    It was the first time since its debut that NewJeans reached the top of Oricon’s ‘Daily Single Ranking,’ highlighting their presence in the Japanese music market.

    With their debut album, “New Jeans,” NewJeans set its record, ranking 12th on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking on August 29 last year and 19th on the Oricon Weekly Digital Album Ranking on September 5, 2022.

    The single album ‘OMG,’ which sang about the first winter NewJeans met, contains a message with the theme of ‘relationship.’ NewJeans talks about the strange sense of distance, caution, and unfamiliarity that coexist on the side of the heart that wants to get closer to each other through ‘OMG.

    newjeans omg golden disc award

    Meanwhile, at the 37th Golden Disc Awards with TikTok held at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, NewJeans won the Digital Song Bonsang and the Rookie of the Year awards, winning two gold medals.

    With this, NewJeans won the Rookie Award at 2022 The Fact Music Awards, MMA 2022, and 2022 Asian Artist Awards last year, and with this Golden Disc Awards, they have achieved four new rookie awards since their debut.

    After receiving the rookie award, NewJeans said in their acceptance speech, “We are very grateful to be able to perform at the Golden Disc Awards, and it is an honor to receive this award that we can only receive once.” After winning the ‘Digital Music Bonsang,’ they said, “We didn’t expect to receive this award. We are grateful to everyone who gave me such a valuable award following the Rookie Award.”

  • NewJeans Is The New K-Pop Group You Need To Know

    NewJeans Is The New K-Pop Group You Need To Know

    The beginning

    newjeans member

    HYBE trained big-name K-pop bands, such as BTS & TXT, and EnHYPEN. They wanted to make the new generation five-member girl group, so Hybe signed on to the independent label ADOR. Ador’s new girl group NewJeans released its first single, “Attention,” on June 21st. This rock and pop music mix seems to have been from the 1990s or early 2000s. The music videos are also nostalgically nostalgic. This video showed a small Indie Concert with the girls dancing together before putting together outfits. It’s simpler than other K-pop videos that sometimes contain extravagant props and color explosions.

    Who are the members of NewJeans?

    NewJeans revealed their names days after its debut and released several video songs about their 2nd single, “Hype Boy.”  NewJeans members are Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

    ‘Hype Boy’ Official MV (MINJI ver.)
    ‘Hype Boy’ Official MV (HANNI ver.)
    ‘Hype Boy’ Official MV (DANIELLE&HAERIN ver.)
    ‘Hype Boy’ Official MV (HYEIN ver.)

    Tell me the meaning of NewJeans’ name.

    NewJeans is considered a significant word by ADOR Founder and Chief Production Officer Min Hee-Jin. Pop music relates to daily life, so it’s the clothes we wear daily. NewJeans aims to make jeans the icon of the generation that no one is ever too tired to wear.

    How were NewJeans formed?

    Min Hee-jin, CEO of Ador, who joined Hybe in 2019, formed NewJeans. Before joining Hybe, she worked as a creative director for over 20 years at SM Entertainment, another major K-pop record label. She had numerous successes, such as f(x), SHINee, and EXO.

    When did NewJeans debut?

    NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022, with the lead single “Attention,” before the release of their debut EP New Jeans on August 1, 2022.

    How old are the members of NewJeans?

    The oldest NewJeans members are Minji and Hanni, under 18; Danielle, 17; Haerin, 16; a little girl, 14 years old; and the youngest in the group.

    Who is the youngest member of NewJeans?

    Hyein. Originally born in Paris in 1931, Hyein is now a dancer and singer-songwriter. She was previously involved with the USSO Children Organisation and couldn’t continue her career in 2018.

    Who is the leader of NewJeans?

    The brand new girl group NewJeans does not have a designated leader, but Minji looks like the leader because whenever something happens, all the members look for Minji.

    What is the NewJeans fandom called?

    NewJeans has given their fandom an official name! On October 29, NewJeans rang on the 100th day since their debut by revealing the name and light stick of their official fan club, which will be called “Bunnies.”

    NewJeans members



    Minji was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, and grew up until her first year of middle school.

    She attended a practical music academy as a guitar student in the beginning. She later passed the audition for ‘Source Music’ and became a trainee.

    Minji experienced studying in Canada when she was in elementary school, so she is fluent in English.



    Vietnamese-Australian member Hanni is a vocalist and a primary dancer of NewJeans. The 18-year-old was born in Vietnam but grew up in Australia. She made a pre-debut cameo in BTS’ “Permission To Dance” video.

    She is not the first Vietnamese female idol to be a member of a Korean idol group, before Hanni, Anh – BEAUTYBOX, Queen – Z-GIRLS, and Jade – A-Daily debuted and are active.

    Hanni is the sixth Vietnamese-origin artist to be a Korean idol group after Hanni, Anh – BEAUTYBOX, Queen – Z-GIRLS, Jade – A-Daily, Roy – Z-BOYS, and Hanbin – TEMPEST.

    Even though Hanni is Australian, she is fluent in English and Korean.


    newjeans danielle

    Danielle Marsh is an artist and musician at NewJeans, and was bone in 2005; she grew up in Australia, where her native tongue is English, and worked as an actress in South Korea.

    She lived in Korea for a while because her mother wanted her children to learn the Korean language and culture, and her father worked as an English teacher in Korea. She is fluent in English and Korean.

    Danielle worked as a kids model in Korea for about one year and eight months from about October 2010, when she was six years old, to 2012, the first semester of the 1st grade of elementary school.


    newjeans haerin

    16-year-old Haerin is a singer/dancer for NewJeans, her first female group appearance in South Korea.

    According to an alumnus from the same school, she was famous for being pretty at school and had a friendly personality.

    She attended school until the second year of junior high school and lived as a trainee for about two and a half years, starting in the second year of middle school in early 2020.


    newjeans hyein

    The youngest member of NewJeans, Hyein, 14, is a vocalist and dancer. She was formerly a member of the kid’s group USSO.GIRL, though she departed the project in 2018.

    After becoming a trainee, she did not go to school, and due to broadcasting activities, trainee life, and COVID-19, she passed the graduation exam by taking the GED.

    Hyein revealed that she lived as a trainee for about a year and a half right before entering the first year of middle school in 2021 and was the last to join the NewJeans debut group.

    NewJeans Songs

    Hype boy

    newjeans hype boy all members

    Hype boy is the second title song of their debut album, but it is a song that has raised expectations as much as the title song.

    If ‘Attention’ is a type of song you will love, ‘Hype Boy’ has a popular appeal that instantly sticks.

    It is a song that stands out because of members who are good at technique and tone.


    newjeans attention

    ‘Attention’ captures the meaning of an honest confession and focuses the public’s attention towards a new existence called ‘NewJeans’‘.

    In addition to the sensual and rhythmic groove, the part where you say, ‘You Got me looking for attention,’ which creates a dreamy atmosphere, is quite addictive.

    newjeans cookie mv

    It’s a song that keeps thinking about you and humming with its straightforward lyrics and bouncing synth sound.

    The minimal hip-hop sound can be dull, but the emphasis on the synth sound and the perfect control of the vocals and chants create a slight addiction.


    newjeans hurt mv

    ‘Hurt’ has a simple vocal with a groovy drum beat. It’s an easy-to-listen R&B song with a cappella feel.

    If you listen to this song without knowing that it is a NewJeans song, it is light enough to think of it as the title song of any indie singer.


    newjeans ditto music

    I listened to the song over and over again, and I discovered a lot of exciting things.

    Ditto remains on my Spotify app playlist as the song I’ve listened to the most lately.

    This song consists of only one pad, drumline, and bass line.

    It’s easy to question the song’s identity when you first hear it.


    newjeans omg

    Overall, it is a song that solidifies the musical identity of “NewJeans” with a unique and easy melody.

    There is no freshness of “Attention” or the catchy chorus of “Hype boy,” but it has a lot of trendy colors and doesn’t miss the fun of listening.

    Music Videos


    A woman appears in a room where the traces of time are in the music video.

    This girl’s name is Ban Hee-soo – in Korean, and it sounds similar to the name of the NewJeans fan club, Bunnies. – was played by actor Park Ji-hoo.

    She takes a videotape from the corner of her room and plays it.

    You can check the intensive music video interpretation down below.


    If Ditto music video was a story from Bunnies’ point of view, OMG music video is a story from NewJeans’ point of view.

    In the music video, the members of NewJenes are in a psychiatric ward, each with paranoia.

  • NewJeans Hyein Profile

    NewJeans Hyein Profile

    NewJeans Hyein profile updated 1/6/2023


    Stage Name: Hyein
    Full Name: Lee Hye In
    Country of Birth: Korea
    Date of Birth: Apr 21, 2008
    Height: 1.70 m (5’7″)

    Lee Hyein (이혜인; born Apr 21, 2008) is a South Korean singer and the youngest member of the Kpop group NewJeans under ADOR. She made her debut with NewJeans on August 1, 2022 at the age of 14.



    • A member of NewJeans, a 5-member girl group under ADOR.
    • Hyeine holds the record for being the youngest ever with NewJeans topping Music Bank on August 19, 2022

    Before debut

    🐰 NewJeans HYEIN | Maknae Hyein’s childhood compilation✨ |
    • She is a child model, and until May 2021, she has been active in Kids YouTube Pocket TV and EBS children’s broadcasting program Bonnie Hani Six Dance and Game Expedition from October 19, 2020, to December 14, 2020.
    • Since 2017, she has been a member of the 1st generation of You So Girl under Kids Planet, and at the time, she was active under the stage name Yoojeong.
    • She once appeared in the Play Me Club and has been active for about two years.
    • She once appeared in a web drama called ‘An Extraordinary Girl.’
    • After becoming a trainee, he did not go to school, and due to broadcasting activities, trainee life, and COVID-19, he passed the graduation exam by taking the GED.
    • She lived as a trainee for about a year and a half, starting right before entering the first year of middle school in 2021. He revealed that he was the last to join the debut group of NewJeans.


    • Her unique hip and groovy vocals are attractive, and her appealing tone, which makes her young age obscure, is her greatest strength.
    • She shows off her colorful vocals by having a more comprehensive range than expected, from the mid-bass part to the high degree.
    • On her debut album, New Jeans, she introduced three songs except for ‘Hype Boy.’ She was also given the most parts in her team for the other three songs except for ‘Cookie,’ which reflects many expectations in terms of her timbre and vocal ability.
    • In 2022, she participated in the cover stage of SHINee’s ‘You Like Oxygen’ at the KBS Gayo Daechukje, where she took on the lead vocalist Onew’s part and showed her incredible vocals.
    • In Ditto, a pre-released song from her 1st single album, OMG, she did a great job with the humming parts that make up the intro and outro, as well as details bursting with sensibility.


    • She has long limbs, and her dancing lines are fantastic and neat.
    • She took the center seat from the beginning to the end of the Attention stage. The simple and neat dance line harmonized very well with Attention, giving rise to the nickname Human Attention.
    • She uses her long limbs skillfully and has excellent movements, and she also tends to dance with strength as a whole and ride the rhythm.
    • The feeling of the dance line she initially has and the dance line she dances on the group stage are different. On the other hand, when she dances individually, she gives off a powerful yet gentle feeling that makes you feel like she is showing off all of Hyein’s energy.

  • NewJeans Haerin Kitty or Bunny?

    NewJeans Haerin Kitty or Bunny?

    NewJeans Haerin Kitty or bunny? What do you think?

    Haerin came out as a cat in OMG Music Video and it’s really similar.

    newjeans haerin
    Cute hair style.
    Look at her eyes.
    So cute!
    Best of the best!!!

    NewJean haerin looks so good in a rabbit hat too!

  • NewJeans Haerin Profile

    NewJeans Haerin Profile

    NewJeans Haerin Profile updated 1/5/2023


    Stage Name: Haerin
    Full Name: Kang Hae Rin
    Country of Birth: Korea
    Date of Birth: May 15, 2006
    Height: 1.65 m (5’5″)

    Kang Haerin (강해린; born May 15, 2006) is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop group NewJeans under ADOR. She made her debut with NewJeans on August 1, 2022 at the age of 16.


    Before debut

    • Born in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and raised in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, and Anyang, Gyeonggi-do.
    • According to an alumnus from the same school, she was famous for being pretty at school and had a friendly personality.
    • When she was in elementary school, she said she was in the broadcasting department as part of a school club activity.
    • She attended school until the second year of junior high school and lived as a trainee for about two and a half years, starting in the second year of middle school in early 2020.


    • Its unique and delicate tone, which highlights the sorrowful and heartbreaking sensibility, is attractive. In particular, these vocal strengths stand out in NewJeans’ b-side song ‘Hurt.’
    • She took on the killing part in all her debut album title songs.


    • If Hanni dances in a groovy and powerful style, Haerin dances with neat and precise movements. Perhaps because she enjoys listening to and liking hip-hop, she also mentioned that she dances well based on hip-hop. The dance she danced with Hani on NewJeans’ official TikTok was very well received, and many fans requested the extended version.
    • She took on many killing parts in all the title songs of her debut album, and even during her dance break, she mesmerized her fans with her cute and restrained dance.

  • NewJeans Hanni the cuttiest!

    NewJeans Hanni the cuttiest!
    NewJeans Hanni Cute

    NewJeans Hanni the cuttiest!!!

    NewJeans Hanni Cute

    Hanni is cuter than a strawberry!!!

    NewJeans Hanni Cute

    I fall in love with her smile.

    Hanni is cute even when she dances.

    NewJeans Hanni Cute


    Let’s go!

  • NewJeans OMG Review

    NewJeans OMG Review

    After listening to it numerous times, I’m writing a NewJeans OMG review.

    First impression

    The first single album released after the pre-released song “Ditto” and the title song of the same name, “OMG,” is led by energetic percussion performances and minimal hip-hop beats.

    There are points reminiscent of “Cookie,” perhaps due to the influence of producer “FRNK (Jinsu Park).” (This is especially true of the verse section.)

    From the pre-chorus section, they add a soft groove house rhythm to create an exciting atmosphere, and the bridge section, with unique beats and distorted sound elements, is full of kitsch.

    Overall, it is a song that solidifies the musical identity of “NewJeans” with a unique and easy melody. 

    There is no freshness of “Attention” or the catchy chorus of “Hype boy,” but it has a lot of trendy colors and doesn’t miss the fun of listening.

    About song composition

    TLC – Baby-Baby-Baby (Official Video)

    While listening to this song, I felt like I was listening to American R&B in the 1990s, including TLC, Immature, and Aaliyah.

    This song has a lot of charm, including the quiet killing off the background and clearly highlighting vocals, the slightly slow offbeat, the construction of continuing to change the rhythm, and the unique singing style of the chorus part Haerin and Hyein.

    The conflicting reaction after hearing OMG is that the top line is much weaker than Ditto.

    In the case of Ditto, the top line matched well by reducing the buzz of the jersey club but keeping its basic gist, but in the case of OMG, it felt a little messy for me.


    The feeling of the song varies widely.

    However, it is a good sign that idols such as NewJeans, who handle music that exquisitely mixes genres that are difficult to hear in existing kpop, have emerged in the idol scene, which was rife with uniform songs.

    NewJeans expresses the sensibility and feeling the new generation wants to have in this society.

    In contrast to the KPOP scene, which only followed the trend, I support NewJeans’ move to create fresh and light music rather than taking it one step further and making individuality in various genres.

    NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV

    More OMG reviews from awesome sites.

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