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NewJeans ‘Cookie’ Lyrics

Cookie New Jeans2022.08.01 Lyrics: Gigi,Ylva DimbergComposer: FRNK,Ylva DimbergArranger: FRNK Hangul 내가 만든 쿠키너를 위해 구웠지But you know that it ain’t for free, yeah 내가 만든 쿠키너무 부드러우니자꾸만 떠오르니 널 choco-chip으로Sprinkle로입맛 버리게 만들고 싶어숨기고 있지만 널 더 보고...

NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’ Lyrics

Hype Boy NewJeans2022.07.23 Lyrics: Gigi, Ylva Dimberg, HanniComposer: 250, Ylva DimbergArranger: 250 Hangul (1,2,3,4)Baby, got me looking so crazy빠져버리는 daydreamGot me feeling you너도 말해줄래 누가 내게 뭐라든남들과는 달라 넌Maybe you could be the one날 믿어봐 한...

NewJeans ‘Attention’ Lyrics

Attention NewJeans2022.07.22 Lyrics: Gigi, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm), DanielleComposer: 250, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm)Arranger: 250 Hangul You and me 내 맘이 보이지한참을 쳐다봐가까이 다가가You see eyYou see, ey ey ey ey One, two, three 용기가 생겼지이미...

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