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NewJeans OMG Review

After listening to it numerous times, I’m writing a NewJeans OMG review. First impression The first single album released after the pre-released song "Ditto" and the title song of the same name, "OMG," is...


NewJeans OMG Lyrics edited by GoNewJeans. OMG OMG2022.1.2 Lyrics: Gigi,Ylva Dimberg, HANNIComposer: FRNK,Ylva Dimberg, David DawoodArranger: FRNK (Jinsu Park) Hangul 이 노래는 it’s about you babyOnly youYou you youYou you you you 내가 힘들 때울 것 같을...

NewJeans Ditto review

In this article, I would like to share my NewJeans Ditto review. Intro I finally did NewJeans Ditto review a few days after the song was released. When I first heard the song, I...


NewJeans Danielle Profile updated 12/22/2022. DanielleStage Name: DanielleFull Name: Marsh DanielleCountry of Birth: KoreaDate of Birth: Apr 11, 2005Height: 1.65 m (5'5")MBTI: ENFPDanielle Marsh (모지혜; born Apr 11, 2005) is a Korean-Australian singer based...

NewJeans Hanni Profile

NewJeans Hanni Profile updated 12/21/2022. I will update this page whenever I found new facts about her. HanniStage Name: Hanni Full Name: Phạm Ngọc Hân Country of Birth: Vietnam Date of Birth: Oct...

NewJeans Minji Profile

NewJeans Minji Profile updated 12/21/2022. I will update this page whenever I found new facts about her. <!-- wp:mdlr/static-jsx-example {"profile":";,"name":"Minji","designation":"Stage Name: Minjiu003cbru003eFull Name: Kim Min Jiu003cbru003eCountry of Birth: Koreau003cbru003eDate of Birth: May 07,...

NewJeans First Album Review

I will happily review NewJeans First album. New Jeans, the first group launched from Hive's new label 'ADOR'. They captured the topic of the current K-pop scene by topping the music charts and...

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ Lyrics

NewJeans Ditto Lyrics edited by GoNewJeans Ditto Ditto2022.12.19 Lyrics: Ylva Dimberg,검정치마,우효,민지 (MINJI)Composer: 250,Ylva DimbergArranger: 250 Hangul Woo woo woo woo oohWoo woo woo woo Stay in the middleLike you a littleDon’t want no riddle말해줘 say it backOh...

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