I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

NewJeans OMG MV Meaning

In this article, I will discuss the NewJeans OMG MV meaning based on my thoughts. If Ditto music video was a story from Bunnies’ point of view, OMG is a story from NewJeans'...

NewJeans OMG Review

After listening to it numerous times, I’m writing a NewJeans OMG review. First impression The first single album released after the pre-released song "Ditto" and the title song of the same name, "OMG," is...

Minji Day photos sent by NewJeans Members

NewJeans members sent Minji day photos to Minji. How sweet!

Why did they revise ditto’s choreography?

I was thinking like "Why did they revise ditto's choreography?" and found out what the Baltimore club dance genre was. Honestly, when I saw the first choreography, I didn't understand why the article...

NewJeans OMG Concept Photos

On January 2nd, NewJeans returned with their highly-anticipated first single album, NewJeans 'OMG.' At the same time, the group released NewJeans OMG Concept Photos through their official website.

NewJeans released OMG, a new single.

NewJeans released OMG, a new single on the 2nd and it dominated the music charts. 'Ditto', released last month, ranked first and 'OMG' ranked second. Their debut song 'Hype boy' also took 4th...


NewJeans OMG Lyrics edited by GoNewJeans. OMG OMG2022.1.2 https://youtu.be/_ZAgIHmHLdc Lyrics: Gigi,Ylva Dimberg, HANNIComposer: FRNK,Ylva Dimberg, David DawoodArranger: FRNK (Jinsu Park) Hangul 이 노래는 it’s about you babyOnly youYou you youYou you you you 내가 힘들 때울 것 같을...

NewJeans Haerin selfies

NewJeans Haerin Selfies look great!!! NewJeans Haerin seems to take selfies surprisingly well. Haerins smile looks amazing.


I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.