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NewJeans Hyein profile updated 1/6/2023


Stage Name: Hyein
Full Name: Lee Hye In
Country of Birth: Korea
Date of Birth: Apr 21, 2008
Height: 1.70 m (5’7″)

Lee Hyein (이혜인; born Apr 21, 2008) is a South Korean singer and the youngest member of the Kpop group NewJeans under ADOR. She made her debut with NewJeans on August 1, 2022 at the age of 14.



  • A member of NewJeans, a 5-member girl group under ADOR.
  • Hyeine holds the record for being the youngest ever with NewJeans topping Music Bank on August 19, 2022

Before debut

🐰 NewJeans HYEIN | Maknae Hyein’s childhood compilation✨ |
  • She is a child model, and until May 2021, she has been active in Kids YouTube Pocket TV and EBS children’s broadcasting program Bonnie Hani Six Dance and Game Expedition from October 19, 2020, to December 14, 2020.
  • Since 2017, she has been a member of the 1st generation of You So Girl under Kids Planet, and at the time, she was active under the stage name Yoojeong.
  • She once appeared in the Play Me Club and has been active for about two years.
  • She once appeared in a web drama called ‘An Extraordinary Girl.’
  • After becoming a trainee, he did not go to school, and due to broadcasting activities, trainee life, and COVID-19, he passed the graduation exam by taking the GED.
  • She lived as a trainee for about a year and a half, starting right before entering the first year of middle school in 2021. He revealed that he was the last to join the debut group of NewJeans.


  • Her unique hip and groovy vocals are attractive, and her appealing tone, which makes her young age obscure, is her greatest strength.
  • She shows off her colorful vocals by having a more comprehensive range than expected, from the mid-bass part to the high degree.
  • On her debut album, New Jeans, she introduced three songs except for ‘Hype Boy.’ She was also given the most parts in her team for the other three songs except for ‘Cookie,’ which reflects many expectations in terms of her timbre and vocal ability.
  • In 2022, she participated in the cover stage of SHINee’s ‘You Like Oxygen’ at the KBS Gayo Daechukje, where she took on the lead vocalist Onew’s part and showed her incredible vocals.
  • In Ditto, a pre-released song from her 1st single album, OMG, she did a great job with the humming parts that make up the intro and outro, as well as details bursting with sensibility.


  • She has long limbs, and her dancing lines are fantastic and neat.
  • She took the center seat from the beginning to the end of the Attention stage. The simple and neat dance line harmonized very well with Attention, giving rise to the nickname Human Attention.
  • She uses her long limbs skillfully and has excellent movements, and she also tends to dance with strength as a whole and ride the rhythm.
  • The feeling of the dance line she initially has and the dance line she dances on the group stage are different. On the other hand, when she dances individually, she gives off a powerful yet gentle feeling that makes you feel like she is showing off all of Hyein’s energy.

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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