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NewJeans Haerin Profile updated 1/5/2023


Stage Name: Haerin
Full Name: Kang Hae Rin
Country of Birth: Korea
Date of Birth: May 15, 2006
Height: 1.65 m (5’5″)

Kang Haerin (강해린; born May 15, 2006) is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop group NewJeans under ADOR. She made her debut with NewJeans on August 1, 2022 at the age of 16.


Before debut

  • Born in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and raised in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, and Anyang, Gyeonggi-do.
  • According to an alumnus from the same school, she was famous for being pretty at school and had a friendly personality.
  • When she was in elementary school, she said she was in the broadcasting department as part of a school club activity.
  • She attended school until the second year of junior high school and lived as a trainee for about two and a half years, starting in the second year of middle school in early 2020.


  • Its unique and delicate tone, which highlights the sorrowful and heartbreaking sensibility, is attractive. In particular, these vocal strengths stand out in NewJeans’ b-side song ‘Hurt.’
  • She took on the killing part in all her debut album title songs.


  • If Hanni dances in a groovy and powerful style, Haerin dances with neat and precise movements. Perhaps because she enjoys listening to and liking hip-hop, she also mentioned that she dances well based on hip-hop. The dance she danced with Hani on NewJeans’ official TikTok was very well received, and many fans requested the extended version.
  • She took on many killing parts in all the title songs of her debut album, and even during her dance break, she mesmerized her fans with her cute and restrained dance.

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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