NewJeans OMG MV Meaning

In this article, I will discuss the NewJeans OMG MV meaning based on my thoughts.

If Ditto music video was a story from Bunnies’ point of view, OMG is a story from NewJeans’ point of view.

In the music video, the members of NewJenes are in a psychiatric ward, each with their own paranoia.

[Hanni] iPhone Siri

Hanni thinks of herself as the iPhone’s Siri and says she’s always there for you whenever you want.

[Minji] Doctor

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Minji

Minji said, “You mean Siri?” She responded cynically to Hanni’s claim.

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Minji

She calmly says that she is not a patient.

She claims she is a doctor and brought Hanni, Daniel, Haerin, and Hyein to the mental hospital.

Eventually, however, she turns out to be one of the patients.

[Hyein] The main character of the play

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Hyein

Hyein lives in movies and fairy tales.

She appears as the main character in famous stories such as <La Boom>, <Cinderella>, and <The Little Match Girl>.

[Danielle] The main character of the play.

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Danielle

Danielle is also the main character of the play and Hye-in’s counterpart. 

She is like a prince trying to save Hye-in in <Sleeping Beauty> but fails to save her.

[Haerin] Cat

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Haerin

Haerin claims to be her cat, and the other patients don’t understand her.

A doctor

The doctor, tired of the pointless discussion, watches the NewJeans members from afar.

The producers replaced images of patients sitting at a round table with pictures of girls, firefighters, and members of parliament.

[Danielle (2)] NewJeans

NewJeans OMG mv meaning Danielle

Danielle says everyone is filming a music video and claims that all the patients are NewJeans.

The scene where the music video staff broke the 4th wall by appearing in the video was impressive.

The NewJeans dancing nicely in their stage costumes.

However, it is also shown several times dancing in a hospital gown.

Danielle says we are NewJeans and still insists on her point.

Minji, dressed as a doctor, led the rest of the members to the hospital room, and it seemed to be over.

The appearance of another doctor

He looked out the window while watching the paintings NewJeans drew, and there were paintings identical to the ones they drew, moving without order.

NewJeans OMG mv meaning another doctor

He seems to understand the world they imagine and are obsessed with the paintings that NewJeans painted.


In the final scene of the music video, the camera shows a fan expressing their dissatisfaction with the music video via Twitter.

NewJeans OMG mv meaning anti fan

The music video ends as Minji approaches him and says, “Let’s go.”


I didn’t understand it well at first. Still, after watching the music video several times after watching the interview with the director who produced the music video, I could see what they wanted to talk about in the music video.

An excerpt from an interview with a music video director

Wooseok Shin Dolphiners Films

While working on the ‘Ditto’ project first, CEO Min Hee-jin said that we should know the NewJeans character, and I set up a meal with the members, and they invited me to the practice room, and I thought a lot while meeting them several times.

These kids, called NewJeans, are just as pure and fun as kids their age.

They have great imaginations, and it’s nice to see them being free to express themselves without boundaries.

Ador also allowed the members to think and act without too many restrictions.

However, since these members must face the public, their intentions can be interpreted differently by the people when they do something.

These members are still teenagers with free thoughts, but what if they gradually lose their image through people’s evaluation and misunderstanding? 

What if they limit how they express themselves as artists or human beings in the future? 

Because I reached that point, I wrote the scenario in that direction.

However, we filmed the OMG MV already before the release of the ‘Ditto’ MV.

Looking at the various misunderstandings and speculations after the ‘Ditto’ MV I mentioned earlier, the situation was very complicated. You can probably understand it by watching the ‘OMG’ music video.

Wooseok Shin – Dolphiners Films

Each patient played by NewJeans identifies herself with ‘something.’

Their appearance coincides with the public, who have no actual contact but are obsessed with something they only meet on cell phones, TV, and social media. 

When we are too immersed in something, we lose objectivity and become dogmatic, so we do not listen to other people’s opinions.

NewJeans wanted to tell over-immersed fans that over-immersion is bad, but admit that everyone has their world that no one else understands, and want to send thanks and comfort.

Hanni’s line

NewJeans OMG mv meaning hanni

Most of what NewJeans wanted to say to the fans came out in Hani’s first lines.

At first, it was just confusing.

I couldn’t figure out who I was or where I was.

I got confused with what others are talking about me.

But I found the answer.

Actually, I was an iPhone.

I exist for you.

I’ll run anywhere whenever you call me.

I’ll show you what you want to see, talk for you and sing for you.

What do you want from me?

My head is always full of this question.

It doesn’t matter who I am now.

I exist for you.


Members of NewJeans are either still underage or about to become adults.

They had to face the public eye at the most sensitive time, and as they tried to create an image according to the director’s intention, they must have been confused and hurt by the public’s criticism.

Nonetheless, NewJeans are embracing its fans and wanting to go with them.

The final scene of the music video seemed more like a message inviting fans to come together rather than a warning to the fans.

“It’s okay if you don’t like us right now. I will change you and make you a real fan.”

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV
I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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