Why did they revise ditto’s choreography?

I was thinking like “Why did they revise ditto’s choreography?” and found out what the Baltimore club dance genre was.

Honestly, when I saw the first choreography, I didn’t understand why the article mentioned the Baltimore club dance music genre.

Different approach

When they released “Ditto”, NewJeans agency Ador said in an article that “Ditto” reinterpreted the Baltimore club dance music genre with its own sensibility to celebrate the first winter with Bunnies.

newjeans ditto composer 250
[250 – composer of ‘ditto’] picture from Hiphople

Ditto’s composer 250 also expressed his views on the Baltimore club dance music genre in an interview.

In a way, it’s an experience where you  got to know the essence of dance music. Then, what other countries’ genre music did you feel had a similar texture to Ppong in the process of such musical exploration?

Hiphop LE

I was watching the drama <The Wire> and there was really cool music. So, I searched for the OST and found “Dance My Pain Away” by Road Lee. When you watch <The Wire>, you see people living in a town called Baltimore. Until then, I knew roughly what Baltimore was like, but after listening to the OST, I was very attached to the fact that Baltimore’s dance music is like this. It was so fresh that dance music was derived from this neighborhood and not the angry gangsta hip-hop.

Also, I felt that Baltimore dance music was different from Jersey Club sound. Jersey Club is more of a party music, and the sensibility is something people would like. Baltimore dance music has no chords, no baseline, and a kick drum with a huge sound instead of a bass. And kick drums aren’t kind enough to make people dance. There’s an element that makes people more and more excited because the offbeat kick keeps coming out from start to finish.

In addition, the lyrics of the song also say, “Someone gave me the bill, and I’m dying because I don’t have enough money.” So I thought, in Baltimore dance music, the reason why they dance is not because they’re happy, but because life is so bad and hard, they want to dance and shake off their bad feelings quickly.


Fast rhythm

It is a genre characterized by such a fast rhythm.

Crazy legs

Dnace!!! Dance!!!

What is Baltimore club dance?

Baltimore club dance became very popular with Baltimore's African-American community. Throughout the city, there were dance crews who battled against each other at recreation centers and nightclubs, and music from famous disc jockeys was at its peak. These dance moves, created from Baltimore club music, were usually high-paced and intense due to the fact that Baltimore club music evolved from house music, with a mix of hip hop, two fast-paced music genres. One of the many moves born out of Baltimore club music is the "crazy legs", a fierce shaking of both legs combined with simultaneous foot tapping and shoulder shrugging. Another dance move evolved out of Baltimore club music was the “what what”, a dance move involving difficult footwork where one raises up one bent leg over the other, in a fast, hopping-like movement. 

Looking at the emphasis on being very fast, it seems like a dance genre where you have to roll your feet very fast like in the video?

Ditto’s choreography

Choreography before revision
Choreography after revision

Compare those two choreographies and feel the differences.

They modified the choreography to match the genre characteristics.

I believe that the choreography more suitable for Ditto is the revised version.

Which choreography do you prefer out of the two?

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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