NewJeans OMG Review

After listening to it numerous times, I’m writing a NewJeans OMG review.

First impression

The first single album released after the pre-released song “Ditto” and the title song of the same name, “OMG,” is led by energetic percussion performances and minimal hip-hop beats.

There are points reminiscent of “Cookie,” perhaps due to the influence of producer “FRNK (Jinsu Park).” (This is especially true of the verse section.)

From the pre-chorus section, they add a soft groove house rhythm to create an exciting atmosphere, and the bridge section, with unique beats and distorted sound elements, is full of kitsch.

Overall, it is a song that solidifies the musical identity of “NewJeans” with a unique and easy melody. 

There is no freshness of “Attention” or the catchy chorus of “Hype boy,” but it has a lot of trendy colors and doesn’t miss the fun of listening.

About song composition

TLC – Baby-Baby-Baby (Official Video)

While listening to this song, I felt like I was listening to American R&B in the 1990s, including TLC, Immature, and Aaliyah.

This song has a lot of charm, including the quiet killing off the background and clearly highlighting vocals, the slightly slow offbeat, the construction of continuing to change the rhythm, and the unique singing style of the chorus part Haerin and Hyein.

The conflicting reaction after hearing OMG is that the top line is much weaker than Ditto.

In the case of Ditto, the top line matched well by reducing the buzz of the jersey club but keeping its basic gist, but in the case of OMG, it felt a little messy for me.


The feeling of the song varies widely.

However, it is a good sign that idols such as NewJeans, who handle music that exquisitely mixes genres that are difficult to hear in existing kpop, have emerged in the idol scene, which was rife with uniform songs.

NewJeans expresses the sensibility and feeling the new generation wants to have in this society.

In contrast to the KPOP scene, which only followed the trend, I support NewJeans’ move to create fresh and light music rather than taking it one step further and making individuality in various genres.

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV

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I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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