NewJeans released OMG, a new single.

NewJeans released OMG, a new single on the 2nd and it dominated the music charts.

‘Ditto’, released last month, ranked first and ‘OMG’ ranked second. Their debut song ‘Hype boy’ also took 4th place, putting three of their songs in the top 5.

NewJeans OMG Melon Chart
7 p.m. Melon ‘Top 100’ chart [Melon capture.]

The pre-order volume of “OMG” was 800,000 copies, easily exceeding the 450,000 copies recorded on their debut album. 

Sales of actual albums exceeded 430,000 copies as of 7 p.m. on the Hanteo Chart, breaking 310,000 copies of the first week’s sales recorded in the previous album on the day of release.

According to Adore, “OMG” is a song that contains a message about the relationship NewJeans feel in a slightly unfamiliar background this winter.

It is a bouncy and exciting hip-hop R&B that mixes trap rhythms based on hip-hop drum sauce and percussion.

“It deals with the story of strange distance, caution, and unfamiliarity that coexists with the desire to get close to each other,” Adore said. “We focused on the narrative of relationships again this time following my previous work.”

Ador added, “You will be able to feel another personality and charm by expressing the unique trendy tone of New Jeans in various styles.”

newjeans ditto omg

Last year, NewJeans made a sensation in the K-pop scene by putting their debut songs “Attention” and “Hype Boy” at the top.

Ditto” also topped major platforms such as Melon, and achieved results in entering the U.S. Billboard’s “Global” (17th place excluding the U.S.) and “Global 20” (36th place).

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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