NewJeans NUDAKE Pop Up store

In this article, I will talk about NewJeans NUDAKE Pop-Up store <OMG! NU+JEANS>.

Arrive at Nudake Dosan and take outside photos

The first day of the pop-up opening on December 23rd!

True NewJeans fans cannot miss the first day of the opening.

All my friends were going to play for a holiday, so I went alone.

NewJeans NUDAKE Pop-Up store <OMG! NU+JEANS> outside

As soon as I arrived around 3:00 pm, I registered for a wait, and at that point, about 130 teams were waiting in front of me.

The staff said I would have to wait for more than two hours, so I decided to stay while taking pictures from accessible places.

NewJeans NUDAKE Pop-Up store <OMG! NU+JEANS> outside

People say that the front here is also a photo zone, but I went alone, so I just took pictures.

NewJeans NUDAKE Pop Up

How cute is the information board?

NewJeans NUDAKE Pop Up giant bunny

It was too cold outside, so I went up to the second floor, where I could go in and out, but I could see all the pop-up stores on the second floor.

I finally entered the pop-up store.

After I waited for around 2 hours and 30 minutes, the message finally came.

I thought I would be able to enter right away, but even after entering the photo zone, I had to stand in line.

NewJeans NUDAKE Pop Up giant bunny side

While standing in line at the photo zone, I was able to take a picture of a giant rabbit right next to it.

Things to note that the staff told me before entering:

  • Shoot within 1 minute!!
  • No matter how cute Giant Bunny is, don’t touch it, just look at it with your eyes
  • Each person can purchase only one piece per item
NewJeans NUDAKE Pop Up order sheet

After taking a good photo in front of Giant Bunny, go to the goods section, and the staff will give you an order sheet.

At the time I entered, all cakes were sold out.

The waiting system opens at 9:30 am, so if you want a cake or a popular item, you should do an open run.

NewJeans X Nudake Goods

I wanted to buy all the goods, but I held back.

I’ll buy an album with the money I saved today.

Various goods are on sale, and while I was waiting, I saw that the fans bought Garland the most.

Three line ending

  1. It took 3 hours to get into the pop-up store.
  2. Giant Bunny looked more prominent in real life.
  3. Cakes are too expensive.

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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