NewJeans MBTI Types. What is Haerin’s MBTI?

In this article, I will discuss what NewJeans MBTI Types are and what personality types each member has.

Although the MBTI is getting less attention than before, there are many people who are curious about what NewJeans MBTI Types are in a world. 


NewJeans MBTI Types

Before NewJeans realeased their MBTI video, the MBTI result of 16personalities was Minji ESTJ, Hanni INFP, Hyein ENFP, Haerin INTP, and Danielle ENFJ.

After the formal mbti test, the members also filmed the video without knowing the result, and the mbti of a total of three of them changed, the expert explained.

NewJeans MBTI Types Minji

As New Jeans Minji says, mbti can be different from the results before adulthood.

As of 2022, all members of New Jeans are minors.

In my opinion, Minji and Hani are still minors, but since they are 19 years old, their MBTI will not change any more.

Of course, mbti can change depending on the situation and environment even after adulthood.

In addition, since it is only a personality type test, it is better to see it as a channel to understand the differences in thoughts between people, and we should not judge as all of that person.

NewJeans MBTI Types

Minji MBTI: ESTJ Characteristics

NewJeans MBTI Types Minji

NewJeans Minji‘s MBTI was ESTJ.

There was no change from the previous unofficial test results, and it was same as they previously disclosed.

The psychoanalyst’s commentary on Minji’s MBTI is a manager’s style and suitable for a leader.

New Jeans doesn’t have a set leader, but it’s true that Minji is also the eldest sister and there was an unspoken feeling of being the leader.

The psychoanalyst explained that Minji is also on the side of taking care of everyone well with her actions and is on the active side, so she seems to lead the atmosphere wherever she goes.

Because Minji is direct, she sometimes seems aggressive, but nagging is also a way to express affection.

Hyein revealed an anecdote with Minji related to this, when she said that Hyein had been to the hospital before, she said, “Did you ask the doctor properly? So you have a cold or the flu?” she says she asked.

Minji’s explanation for this was that she wanted Hye-in to get better quickly and that she got the proper prescription, and that she made sure Hyein asked for it properly.

Hyein added that she sensed Minji’s concern for herself in her tone and expression.

Hanni MBTI: INFP Characteristics

NewJeans MBTI Types Hanni

NewJeans Hanni’s mbti was INFP, the same as the previous informal test results.

According to the psychoanalyst’s commentary, Hanni’s scores were all borderline, so she guessed that the rules for acting would be different depending on the situation.

She scored high on introversion, so she could be a little reticent. 

Minji disagreed, but her younger members agreed to some extent.

She said she felt heavy on the inside, but it seemed like she might not have noticed on the outside, she said.

She also said that she is somewhat introvert in unfamiliar places.

As Hanni said, when meeting someone for the first time, she needs time to get to know the person, and during that time she doesn’t talk much.

Danielle MBTI: ENFP Characteristics

NewJeans MBTI Types Danielle

NewJeans Danielle’s formal MBTI test results revealed ENFP.

The previous unofficial test result is ENFJ, and it shows that the planned J has changed to P.

Minji regretted that she lost the only J member in NewJeans other than herself.

In Danielle’s case, F and P came out, but her scores were not high, so her disposition would appear differently depending on the situation, and she would be the member whose E-type traits are best revealed, as the process of worrying is first revealed through action.

She also revealed that she is the most active member of NewJeans and wants to be the mood maker of NewJeans who speaks a lot.

Members of NewJeans said that Danielle is very good at giving her little compliments.

Hyein listened to Danielle’s compliments, such as how she looked good after being on stage, and Minji said of her experiences, such as when she looked awkward in the mirror after removing her makeup, she told Danielle that she was really pretty now. .

Danielle then took her own part of the compliment, saying that when she thinks she’s pretty, she should say she’s pretty.

Haerin MBTI: ISTP Characteristics

NewJeans MBTI Types Haerin

Many people have been curious about NewJeans Haerin’s MBTI, but it seems that they are curious about Haerin’s personality type because of her erratic and unknown appearance.

Haerin’s MBTI was INTP in the previous unofficial test, but N changed to S, and the official test result came out as ISTP.

The psychoanalyst’s commentary on Haerin’s mbti said that he is the most internally thoughtful member of NewJeans, and has many deep thoughts, but doesn’t seem to dare to express them on the outside.

The members said that they try to match Haerin’s heart after seeing Haerin who doesn’t express himself.

She said she seemed to enjoy it to some extent, but Haerin revealed that she doesn’t enjoy it, but sometimes wonders if her members notice, and whenever they do.

She also says that she’s a very shy type of person who explodes into playfulness when you get to know her, and enjoys observing people when they’re talking.

When Minji talks to Haerin, she talks about herself for a long time and waits for Haerin to answer something from her.

When Minji talked to Haerin, she talked about herself for a long time and waited for Haerin to answer something, but Haerin said she listened well and just left, accepting this characteristic.

Hyein MBTI: INFP Characteristics

NewJeans MBTI Types Hyein

NewJeans Hyein MBTI is INFP, and as a result of an informal test, E changed to I in ENFP.

According to the psychoanalyst’s commentary, Hyein is a member with the highest flexibility in making judgments according to the situation as a member with all tendencies on the borderline, but psychoanalyst speculated that she will go through complicated steps.

The Psychoanalyst also said it would be easier to understand Hyein if she focused more on her own rules rather than INFP tendencies.

Hyein revealed that she feels that her values have not yet been firmly established.

That’s understandable, Hyein is 14 years old, a young second-year middle school student.

Hyein said that she is in puberty, and since she is young, it is a time when her personality is formed that can change from the existing MBTI and can change as much as she wants in the future.

As much as she thinks that it is an important period for herself, she hopes that she will not suffer too much, and grow healthy.

In conclusion, NewJeans MBTI Types officially revealed Danielle – ENFP, Minji – ESTJ, Haerin – ISTP, Hanni – INFP, Hyein – INFP.

The psychoanalyst’s full commentary on NewJeans follows.

NewJeans explained that they are suitable for group life because they prefer flexibility and freedom and want to follow the system well.

Therefore, the overall teamwork will be good.

[Jeans’ ZINE] MBTI exploration time
I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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