Who is the Ditto composer 250?

ditto composer 250

Who is NewJeans New Song Ditto composer 250?

250 (Two Fifty) is a DJ of Beasts And Natives Alike and a music producer in Korea.

He is the main producer of NewJeans, a girl group under ADOR.


250 is a DJ and producer who has been active in the Itaewon DJ scene for a long time.


After joining BANA, 250 produced hip-hop tracks such as E-Sens’s <Everywhere>, <비행> and Kim Ximya’s <Interior> and so on.


The reason 250 started DJing because he was interested in manipulating sounds in various ways since he was a student.

250 formed a hip-hop club and started making his own music when he was in high school.

f(x)’s <4 Walls>

In November 2015, 250 was in charge of the exhibition music at the 4 Walls Exhibition, f(x)’s comeback exhibition held in Gyeongnidan-gil, Itaewon, and released two official remixes of <4 Walls>.

Pit-A-Pat 250 Remix

250 released ‘Pit-A-Pat 250 Remix’ and music video through SM STATION on September 8, 2016. It is a remix based on BoA’s <Pit-A-Pat>

In addition, he composes K-POP tracks such as BoA’s <Christmas Paradise>, NCT 127’s <Chain>, and ITZY’s <Gas Me Up>, showing a diverse spectrum that transcends genre boundaries.

Album [Ppong]

On December 31, 2016, 250 heralded the release of their album [Ppong] through a BANA party held at Henz Club in Hongdae.

250 released a documentary teaser called ‘Finding Ppong‘ through the official website and BANATV in 2017.

250 showed the process of finding the roots of Korean dance music while he was producing the album [Ppong].

He released <Spring>, which is scheduled to be included in the [Ppong] album, on SoundCloud for free.

First Live

Budweiser Korea’s YouTube channel released the first live of the pre-release single from the album [Ppong] on Nov 5, 2021, in addition, an interview with DJ Soulscape was also released on Nov 12, 2021


250 released the album <Ppong> on Mar 18, 2022.

250 ppong album cover

New Jeans

On August 1, 2022, he was in charge of composing the title song and b-side songs for NewJeans’ debut album 1st EP ‘New Jeans‘.


He was in charge of composing ‘Ditto’, a pre-released song by New Jeans, furthermore this song also took first place, showing off his power by posting three songs in one year.

Ditto Composer 250 by GoNewJeans
I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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