Musinsa + NewJeans’ first global campaign

Musinsa + NewJeans' first global campaign

Musinsa + NewJeans’ first global campaign updated 12/19/2022

Musinsa has released its first global campaign pictorial ‘Newsinsa X Mujins‘ with global ambassador NewJeans.

This time, Musinsa planned ‘Newsinsa X Mujins’ with the girl group NewJeans, which is loved all over the world, to promote the style of domestic brand fashion.

Musinsa released The NewSinsa X Mujins campaign pictorial at the Musinsa Global Store, using the familiar ‘cloud’ of the 1020 generation as a motif.

In order to inform more overseas customers of the domestic brand products introduced through the NewSinsa X Mujins pictorial, they also did a special exhibition.

An official from Musinsa said, “Through this campaign, we hope that this campaign will serve as an opportunity to inform more overseas customers of domestic brands with high growth potential in the global market.”

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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