NewJeans First Album Review

I will happily review NewJeans First album.

New Jeans, the first group launched from Hive’s new label ‘ADOR’.

They captured the topic of the current K-pop scene by topping the music charts and recording 440,000 album pre-orders upon debut.

Adore did not have an open trainee system or a well-known member from an audition.

Min Hee-jin’s ability to lead the experimental concept of SM idols such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT during her stay at SM was enough to draw attention to the new idol group she planned.

newjeans new jeans first album

NewJeans clearly meets the needs of the public who are tired of the current K-pop market.

Their high-teen concept can express the natural appearance of teenagers and pop R&B sounds that can be listened to lightly.

NewJeans garnered maximum expectations with the sensational teaser and the title ‘Min Hee-jin’s Idol’ suggesting that f(x) comes to mind.

The core of the debut album is ‘naturalness’. Instead of finding their identity as artists, they sing about teenagers’ everyday emotions. NewJeans pursues a soft, easy-listening sound instead of intense beat music, but it is as solid as its substance.

They collaborated with talented producers such as ‘250’ and ‘FRNK’ was concluded.

It is successfully establishing the identity of ‘NewJeans’ with a sound full of freshness and sophistication.

[EP] NewJeans

Lyrics: Gigi, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm), Danielle
Composer: 250, Duckbay (Cosmos Studios Stockholm)
Arranger: 250

‘Attention’ captures the meaning of an honest confession and at the same time focuses the public’s attention towards a new existence called ‘NewJeans’‘.

In addition to the sensuous and rhythmic groove, the part where you say ‘You Got me looking for attention’, which creates a dreamy atmosphere, is quite addictive.

There are people who like or dislike this part, but it cannot be denied that it creates an atmosphere unique to NewJeans.

Hype Boy
[EP] NewJeans

Lyrics: Gigi, Ylva Dimberg, Hanni
Composer: 250, Ylva Dimberg
Arranger: 250

It is the second title song of this mini-album, but it is a song that has raised expectations as much as the title song.

If ‘Attention’ is a type of song that you will love, ‘Hype Boy’ has a popular appeal that instantly sticks.

It is a song that stands out because of members who are good at technique and tone.

‘Hype Boy’ is a song with a sound that combines moombahton and electropop. The addictive sound from the beginning is impressive and the unique pre-chorus is also attractive.

[EP] New Jeans

Lyrics: Gigi, Ylva Dimberg
Composer: FRNK,Ylva Dimberg
Arranger: FRNK

People like or dislike ‘Cookie’ because of the childish lyrics, but I felt rather fun.

It’s a song that keeps thinking about you and humming with its straightforward lyrics and bouncing synth sound.

The minimal hip-hop sound can be boring, but the emphasis on the synth sound and the perfect control of the vocals and chants create a subtle addiction.

‘Cookie’ is like a song from the early days of Red Velvet’s debut, but I got the feeling that it was reprocessed for these days.

[EP] NewJeans

Lyrics: Gigi, Amanda Lundstedt
Composer: 250, Amanda Lundstedt
Arranger: 250

‘Hurt’ has a simple vocal with a groovy drum beat.

It’s an easy-to-listen R&B song with a cappella feel.

If you listen to this song without knowing that it is a NewJeans song, it is light enough to think of it as the title song of any indie singer.

The lyrics depicting a girl who hesitates whether or not to contact her unrequited love are vague yet lovely.

‘Hurt’ is not a song with a trendy sound, but it enriches the entire album and respects the producer’s choice.

Other recommendations

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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