NewJeans ‘Ditto’ Official MV (side A) reactions

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ Official MV (side A)

I don’t think there is any agency that holds the concept well and directs it as well as Adore.. Min Hee-jin has a really good feel and really good skills. This is only the pre-release of the second comeback, but I’ve never been disappointed with the concept, and I keep watching it while being surprised. I caught the unique atmosphere of New Jeans that fits well.. I’m really looking forward to the next music video too.


Are you crazy? You know so well what people like these days and what emotions they like. I was curious about the next album because the attention was so good, but the coordination and choreography of this new song are crazy, the visual beauty and emotion are crazy, and the drama storyline is so good, it’s just so good.


I am amazed at their planning skills. Music that evokes nostalgia, screen, picture quality, props, and location
everything is perfect. Min Hee-jin’s abilities are endless, and NewJeans are so cute and fresh. NewJeans will lead Kpop girl idols FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS.


As I listened to the music, the humid air of the early morning in school days, the temperature and smell unique to the classroom permeated through the music, and I quickly recalled old memories. I think NewJeans’ music is competitive enough in the kpop market in that it reminds us of the forgotten youthful days of life. It makes me look forward to more music in the future. I’m rooting for you, New Jeans!!


It was a good music video like a gift for the fans, knowing and comforting the realistic difficulties of the fans who love New Jeans and passionately follow and support them.🐰

@AK Kei

It’s so hip and trendy, but I think the music video is really great because it even stimulates nostalgia.
As if watching a movie, the lingering lingering feelings and feelings that come through are no joke.
It feels like looking into a page of the fresh and beautiful youth of the five girls.
This is a feeling that only New Jeans can deliver.


The excitement and love of those days, which were fresh and vague, were captured so beautifully with the special sensibility of New Jeans.
Isn’t it a deep intention not to forget the beautiful and precious memories of those days that we forgot?
The musical direction and story that New Jeans captures makes you listen regardless of who’s fandom.

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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