Will the 6th member of NewJeans join? A meaningful teaser video was released.

The group NewJeans released a music video teaser video for the pre-release track ‘Ditto’ from the single album ‘OMG’, drawing attention from global K-pop fans.

New Jeans posted a teaser video titled ‘New Jeans 6’ on the Hive Labels YouTube channel on the 14th.

The video begins with the members wearing school uniforms opening the classroom door and coming out. Along with the scene where they run through the school hallway smiling brightly, the dreamy yet unique humming sound harmonizes with the background music, reminiscent of pure and happy school days. In particular, in the running scene, 6 people instead of 5 appeared, arousing curiosity about the title of the video, ‘New Jeans 6’.

After the release of the teaser video, NewJeans posted a midnight promotion calendar on the official SNS channel on the 15th. On the calendar, you can check the schedule until the release of the single album ‘OMG’ on the 2nd of next month, including the pre-release of ‘Dito’ on the 19th.

I love KPOP and KDRAMA. I really into NewJeans these days.

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